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The Department of Chemical Engineering which was established as one of Taiwan tech’s core departments in 1978, has evolved as one of the most respected institutions in the field of chemical engineering in Taiwan. The training at our department interfaces with chemistry, materials science, biology, electrical and civil engineering, and emphasizes both theoretical and practical aspects, following TaiwanTech’s mission as an applied research university.


Our department has offered programs at undergraduate level since its foundation, followed by a master’s program in 1979, and a doctoral program in 1983. Building on a solid training in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, our engineering education offers a wide range of subjects and a wide choice of research fields to focus on. The Department of Chemical Engineering is strong in academic as well as in applied research. Having built strong links with the local industry, many of our research projects are defined in cooperation with our partners to fulfill their specific needs.

Our department currently has 33 faculty members and offers undergraduate and graduate programs on Master and PhD level to about 718 students.


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update: 2019.12.17