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Our department offers English and Chinese programs of master and PhD degrees to international students. The students we are looking for are with chemical engineering or applied chemistry knowledge and also have interested in specialized fields of our laboratory such as process & control, polymer synthesis, surface & interface science, catalyst & reaction engineering, environmental engineering, superficial & thermodynamic technics, renewable energy, bioengineering, etc.



Furthermore, we also offer “all-English Undergraduate Dual Degree Program” with our partner university (such as Widya Mandala Catholic University, etc). Our target international students we want are with basic knowledges and skills about chemical engineering, and characteristics of communication, teamwork and lifelong self-learning.



The application system, calendar and guideline(including required documents for application) are shown below:  

  1. Office of Academic Affairs: https://www.admission.ntust.edu.tw/index.php
  2. Office of International Affairs: https://admissions.ntust.edu.tw/index/index